Prayer List

Please pray for our parishioners:

Carol Belt, J.W. Bennett, Gerald Blanchard, Craig Borlinghaus, Estella Bourgeois, Mike Bunch, Gene Casadaban, Michael Delatte, Delilah DeLee, Yvonne Dooley, Donald "Pete" Dronet, Arlene Folmar, Mildred Ganes,  Al Hardouin, Donna Hildebrandt, Conville Hobgood, Juanita Hotard, Mary Jeanne Imhoff, Chris Kearney, Mabel Lamartiniere, Virginia Lathrop, Mary Joy Lawrence, Joan Lea, Larry Lockwood, Roy & Ellie Mandeville, Jennifer Peterson, Angie Ray, Catherine Rinaudo, Francis Rinaudo, Sharon Ristroph, Janet Sulzer, Corky Van Dinther, Charlene Vidrine, Margaret Villars, Clifford Wilcox Jr., Marvin Bo Williams.

Prayers are also requested for:

Russell Achord, Charlotte Bergeron, John Blanchard Jr., Dayne Bonvillain, Anna James Bourgeois, Mitch Bourgeois, Bubba Butler, Jodi Burke, Dorothy Clark, Jean Clark, Bob Crowley, Stephanie Crochet, David Daniel, Margaret Dawson, Scotti Day, Tom Dooley, Wade Dubea, Rebecca Dufour, Elle Fabre, Alvin Fort, Wanda Fruge, Clay Furlow, Gwen Guyon Hardin, Mary Heine, Gerry Hildebrandt, Josh Irwin, Dana Jarreau, Ronnie Jett, Gerald Johnson, Stephanie Keesing, Warren Knobloch, Annette & Andre LaFriant, David Lamartiniere, Mary Lahey, Stan Legleu, Nancy & Ronny Lockett, A.K. (Freddie) Lockwood, Mike Lord, Chris Manuel, Wayne McGee, Randy McComas, Pat Means, Overton Nicholas, Fr. Jack Nutter, Diane Oliveaux, Mitchell Osterberger, Brad Phillips, Clay Rabalais, Sheryl Rabalais, Eric Roberts, Easton Rogers, Dawn Savell, Keith Schilling, Stephen Seal, Mayme Slavin, Special Intentions, Anna Plettinger Suggs, Frieda Thompson, Paislee Tonlee, John Tourere, Sonia Travis, Mackenzie Triche, Nick Tullier, Dee Wallis, Mary White, Alice Renee Wilcox, Rickey Wilcox, Brian Winters, Wally Percy Woodside, and Fr. Gerard Young, Russel Young.

Please pray for our men and women serving in the military:

Matthew Atkinson, Brian Cortell, Michael Delatte, Kevin Breaux, Neal Fudge, Brian Heath, Bennett Jones, Greg St. Romain and Ruben Toney.

Prayers requested for Law enforcement officers.

We would like to add a special prayer intention for all law enforcement officers.

Family members, please email the office to add someone to the prayer list or to remove someone.



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